About Us


Ella Grace & Anna May - sisters, and best friends, who have always had a passion for all things creative and artsy. 

We are a British illustration and artwork company that are driven to creating the perfect piece for homes and surroundings. We have been bursting with creative ideas from a very young age and, although work in different areas of the artistic world, have been able to combine our skills to create a brand that we are proud to share.


Here at Grace & May we are always rumbling up ideas and plans that can make us the best we can be. We wish to give a wide range of options to our clients and are expanding our digital work to also include more tactile pieces including mediums such as oil paints and oil pastel. This includes offering other subjects of work such as landscapes and abstract paintings.  We are sure to work with other local businesses that can supply us with the best quality materials and equipment that can make sure our artwork is at a high standard and framed to perfection, ready for any wall in any places.

We are based in a small seaside town in Kent, England and have been sure to use the beautiful Kentish surroundings to inspire and gain ideas for our work. Using the scenic areas around us has been an important part of our creative journey and we will always be sure to refer back to our roots in order to keep our brand authentic and true to our vision.  

If you would like to hear about any of our upcoming projects, promotions and plans for the future than please join our mailing list so we can keep you all up to date. 

We look forward to working with you.

Grace & May